The Debut Album, the Social Media Presence and the Various Bits of Razzle-Dazzle

Welcome to the website! Maybe you’ve stumbled here accidentally. Maybe you’ve heard a song somewhere along the way. At this stage of things I’m going to guess it more likely that you are already a friend (or perhaps a friend of a friend) swayed by various forms of social media nudging. In any case, let me take this moment to thank you for your interest and curiosity. 
With the availability of the debut record Never Saw a Thing Coming scattered across various streaming and download sites, it made sense to me to get this thing up and going. It is remarkable to me that independent singer-songwriters and artists can have such tools at their disposal. Crazy times! 
So I hope you have a look around and more importantly check out some tunes.

(The debut album, available January 2017)

(Click for full digital distribution list)